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On her journey along the river, Sparkle ElStripes she sees her friends and they all join her for a swim. Minding out for the obstacles and traffic, enjoying the sights and greeting friends along the way. But someone or something cuts their day short, who or what could it be?

Owner Laura has written a lovely children's book, it's a rhyming story of a swan named Sparkle ElStripes. It has lots of other businesses feature in the book and it follows a route on the river which can be travelled by boat. It's a children's story and a tour guide all in one. 

To purchase the book either come down to Buoyancy Bikes or find it online at Amazon by following the below link.



Sparkle ElStripes of Buoyancy Bikes: Goes Swimming with Her Friends: Calver, Laura, Frances, Penny: 9798393796259: Books

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